Heart Grill Tray


Material: Ceramic
Usability: Baking & Serving

Colorful baking tray that is available in an assortment of 6 bright shades. The colourful bowl can be used as a tray for baking and grilling veggies and meats. The bowl with handles can also be used to serve gravy or lentils at the dinner table. Use it as a tray for baking cookies, tray for baking brownies, biscuits and more. One can also use it for baking au gratin, pasta, lasagna and cannelloni. The baking dish provides for a hassle-free serving and cleaning experience with both microwave and dishwasher friendly attributes.

IZHAR TIP: Switch it up on the dinner table by serving a salad at the table in one of these bowls

Size: 14 x 11 x 6.5 H x 460 ml capacity

Colour:as per choice

Material: Ceramic

Products Included: 1 baking tray

Title: Choose an option

Light Blue
Ocean Blue

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