Glass Cup with Bamboo Lid (450ml)

  • Excellent Quality: The glass cups with lids are made of 100% high-end glass. The lids are made of bamboo wood, a quickly regenerating and durable material. The straws are also made of glass, so they are reusable.
  •  Chic Style: The aesthetic glass cup has a transparent design with a small color insertion in blue, green, or pink in the handle and straw. The design is minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to elevate your lifestyle.
  •  For Any Beverage: Whether it’s a hot cup of joe, steamy tea, iced coffee, lemonade, or even a fancy cocktail, anything looks lovely in our cups with lids and straws! They can be used for hot and cold beverages alike.
  •  Easy to Maintain: The glass coffee cups are dishwasher safe so you can clean them with ease. The glass straws and bamboo lids can easily by washed by hand.


1x Glass with Lid 

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